HEF is delighted to award grants for a diverse range of activities impacting children from preschool age through graduating seniors in the Hatfield School System. 

If you are a teacher and wish to apply for a grant please fill out the application and turn it in to your principal.

Field Trips
Sturbridge Village
The third graders experience Puritan life, which aligns with their Social Studies curriculum.

"Poe"-a Chamber Theatre Production
SA students read Edgar Allan Poe stories & then got to see some performed dramatically.

MIT Plasma Science & Fusion Center
AP Chemistry trip to MIT

Women in Engineering & Computing Day
Female students are introduced to the field of engineering at UMass

Spring Musical 
Students between 5th & 12th grade can participate in the annual production. 

Fire Pond Duo Musical 
Fire Pond is a folk music duo which will perform for the entire Hatfield Elementary School. 

Circus Smirkus 
HEF funded the circus coming to the Hatfield Elementary School. The whole school will share in the circus arts. 
Mimio Interactive White Boards
HEF donated 2 Mimio Interactive White boards, 1 for the computer lab & another for the science lab.

3D Object Design for Art & Engineering
HEF purchased 3-three dimensional pens & equipment.

Engineering, Robotics & Science Probes

And more!
Graffiti Mural 
HEF funded a graffiti-style mural on the outside cargo storage container at Smith Academy. All will be able to enjoy the artwork when they attend an outside sporting event.

Cause & Effect Learning Toys
HEF purchased cause & effect learning toys for special education students and peers. These toys are used to provide reinforcement, fun and empowerment to students. 

Leveled readers for small reading group instruction 

Puberty Education Project
Curriculum to supplement puberty education lessons

Upgrades to HES sound & lighting systems

Scholarships for students