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HEF Grants 2008-2009

Hatfield Elementary School
 Laura Hoey, 2nd Grade Teacher Listening Center Project - Continuation
Expansion of Listening Center begun last year.  Purchase more "high quality books" and cassette tapes so that families can tape stories for 2nd graders to listen to in the Listening Center.
 Laura Hoey, 2nd Grade Teacher CD Player + Cultural Music
Purchase CD player and a variety of CDs in order to incorporate music and movement in her teaching of social studies and language arts (e.g., Asian Dreamland, African Playground, French Playground, Latin Playground, Fun with Phonics).  Laura has been using her own CD player, but it's not functioning properly.
 Kara McElhone, G&T Coordinator Monday Afternoon Workshops
The program brings in professionals from the community to do hands-on workshops with the 3-6th grade students in the Falcon's Nest G&T program at HES.  Five speakers total, once a month, February through June.  Topics include recycling, insects, origami, physical therapy, engineering (insects and origami confirmed).  Last year's workshops were funded by a grant from the MA DOE.
 Dee Jepson, 6th Grade Teacher Purchase Upper Level Book Sets
Purchase sets of novels (6 books/set) for upper level readers in the 5-6th grade.  Many 5th graders this year are reading above level, and there will be little new for them to read next year.
 Kara McElhone, G&T Coordinator Chess/Games Club
Purchase multiple games for kids to use during the once weekly "club time" during recess and lunch periods.  Games will be chosen based on their propensity to enhance critical and creative thinking skills.
 Jennifer Chapin, HES Principal Senteo System
Senteo is an interactive response system containing SMART technology (integrates with existing Smartboards).  Allows teachers and students to generate questions for "Jeopardy" type games in the classroom.  Integrates technology and curriculum standards while allowing students to "demonstrate knowledge in a technologically advanced way."
 Jennifer Chapin, HES Principal
 Amy Crisafulli,
Computerized Therapy Dog
"Biscuit" is a life size computerized golden retriever puppy.  He would be available to children in the counselor's and principal's offices as well as the classroom.  Because not all children are willing or able to communicate face-to-face with an adult, the "therapy dog" provides children with a non-traditional way of expressing their feelings, celebrating their successes, sharing knowledge and practicing skills.  Will also be used as a reading partner in the classroom.
 Jennifer Chapin, HES Principal
 Kathy Clark, 3rd Grade Teacher
Wagon Tour
Provide students a wagon tour of Historic Hatfield.  Students will take digital photos and produce a PowerPoint presentation for next year's 3rd grade class.
 Lorraine Liantonio, Reading SpecialistProfessional Staff Development DVD Library
Purchase DVD's for teachers to use to increase their understanding of research-based strategies used to support children as they read and write.
 Smith Academy  
 Melissa Urey, Drama Specialist
Stipend for MA Drama Guild Festival
This stipend covers"everything else" that is not covered by the stipend received for rehearsal time from the Hatfield Schools (including a full day Director's meeting, costume, set & prop design, perusal scripts).
 Julie LeGrand, Math Teacher
 Julie Muellejans
, Art Teacher
Field Trip to Mass MOCA for Sol Lewitt Exhibit
The field trip exposed students to art & culture, showing a connection between math & art. Students, on this field trip, examined the work of  Sol Lewitt, an artist who uses geometric form and language. He is regarded as a leader in minimalism and conceptual art
 Scarlett Shockey, Library Specialist Purchase Digital Camera for Library
Camera will be used to add photographs to bi-annual library newsletter posted on the school website.  As part of the long range plan submitted to the MA Board of Library Commissioners, the newsletter helps to develop partnerships with parents.  And parents love seeing their children's creative and innovative projects in the library. The camera would also be available for teachers and students to check out of the library.
 Scarlett Shockey, Library Specialist
                             Science Teacher
Purchased software which teachers use to produce tutorials which can be posted online. Students can access these tutorials from home, for free, as often as they need to while doing their homework. With the additional purchase of microphones,teachers can add vocal instructions and commentary to the productions.