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HEF Grants 2007-2008

 Hatfield Elementary School
 Laura Hoey, 2nd Grade Teacher Listening Center Project - Grade 2
Purchase tape recorder & books to send home with children so that their families can record stories for the 2nd Grade Listening Center. The project will involve students' families in literacy, improve the quality of the Listening Center offerings, increase number of books that have accompanying listening tapes. Only families who have volunteered to tape stories will have the tape recorder sent home.
Laura Hoey, 2nd Grade Teacher Visual Media/Social Studies Grade 2 - Part 2
Purchase more visual media to enhance 2nd grade social studies curriculum. Subjects includes Landforms; Reading Maps & Globes; Production Workers & the Goods They Make; Long Ago, Yesterday & Today; Economy & Money. Also purchase a globe for classroom use.
Jennifer Chapin, HES Principal
Judy Ryan, 3rd Grade Teacher
Kathy Clark, 3rd Grade Teacher
Emily Ogden, Music Teacher
Julie Andrus, PE Teacher
Ken Longstreeth, Band Director
History of Hatfield
Third graders will meet with elderly weekly, conduct interviews, and research historical sites. They would then create quilt squares depicting the historic sites, which would be made into a quilt with the help of the elderly at a quilting bee. The quilt would be displayed in town. Children will listen to music of the era as well as learn swing dancing during music & PE. Children will do a live dance performance for elderly & the entire school at the quilt unveiling.
Dianne Wolejko, 5th Grade Teacher Leveled Books Classroom Library
Purchase appropriate books for leveled classroom library using Fontas and Pinnell's system for selection. Books will be used for guided & independent reading.
John Higuera, 5th Grade Teacher
Dianne Wolejko, 5th Grade Teacher
Karen Czerniak, 4th Grade Teacher
The High Tech Science Lab
Purchase a projector and projector mount so that the Smartboard & project may remain permanently in the Science Lab. This is for the portable Smartboard purchased through HEF. They're finding it cumbersome and awkward to move around, so they'd like to give it a permanent home in the Science Lab. Teachers would have access through a sign-up system. Note: The projector will be permanently mounted to the ceiling. The school has a second, carted projector that will remain available to float throughout the school.
Jennifer Chapin, HES Principal Morning Meeting Benches
Build seating for students to use during the Morning Meeting in each classroom, which is part of the "Responsive Classroom Initiative." Part of the structure of the meeting is that students sit in a circle and are all at the same level (no one in front, no one in back, etc.). Students currently sit on the floor (which is not comfortable for all kids) or in chairs, but it takes time to gather them together. Teachers have been purchasing benches (at $40/ea, seating only 3 kids) out of their own pockets.
Julie Andrus, PE Teacher
Diane Zak, Food Service Director
"Lighten Up!" Assembly
Provide an all-school assembly - "Lighten Up!" - to promote the curriculum in Health/Obesity Prevention. Supports/reinforces the school's Wellness Policy.
 Smith Academy  
 Scott Goldman, SA Principal The Immigrant Experience - The Lower East Side Tenement Museum
Students travel to the Lower East Side in Manhattan to participate in two programs at the Tenement Museum and the interactive Kitchen Conversations. Also includes a tour of the Lower East side, including Chinatown & Little Italy. Outcome will be a deeper understanding of immigration at various times in US History, compared and contrasted with immigration issues today.
 Scarlett Shockey, Library Specialist Purchase Polyvision Smart Board
Purchase smart board to be housed in the library, but available to all teachers school-wide.
 Julie Mullejans, Art Teacher Ceramic Kiln Acquisition
Wire and install negative pressure ventilation system for donated kiln. Matching grant anticipated from STArHS. School will cover moving, installation & operating costs.
 Both Schools  
Emily Case, Science Teacher
Scarlett Shockey, Library Specialist
The Bethany Lynne McMenimen Memorial Collection at the F.A. Abarno HES Libraries
Purchase library books in memory of Bethany McMenimen. Suggestions solicited from family and community, based on Bethany's interests. Outcome would be a varied and eclectic book collection, expanding library resources and providing for an appropriate & productive outlet for grief.